New TP-Link ASIC Router Beats RTX 4090 in Crypto Mining Speed?

The NX31 ASIC mining router was announced by a business purporting to be TP-Link ASIC, and the press went wild. Reportedly including a Wi-Fi 7 connection and an integrated ASIC that can mine bitcoin at a quicker rate than the RTX 4090 while only consuming 1,200 Watts of power, the gadget is impressive in its efficiency. However, the well-known router maker TP-Link has denied involvement with this device and is seeking to remove the press release.

According to the business, the NX31 gadget serves as both a Wi-Fi 7 router and an ASIC miner. Nevertheless, there is a paucity of technical details on the page, and the picture of the device seems suspiciously like a ripoff of TP-Archer Link’s BE900 router. The business asserts that the NX31 can have a hash rate of up to 31.2 TH/s, making it more powerful than the GeForce RTX 4090. This hash rate is solely useful for the ASIC-friendly Kadena/Blake2S mining algorithm; SHA256 mining is inefficient.

Just Kadena (KDA) can be mined with this hardware, and whether or not additional cryptocurrencies will work is unclear from the product description. The NX31, according to the manufacturer, outperforms less expensive ASIC miners but lags behind Intel’s Bonanza Mine ASICs. The router/miner device’s selling point is its ability to do both. The gadget’s specifications were not public, but the business said it weighed 3.9 kilograms and was made of metal with two fans for better cooling.

With its claimed quad-band technology, several Ethernet ports, and USB connection, the NX31 sounds a lot like the Archer BE900. With a launch price of $1,500, the smartphone is now available for pre-order at $1,370, a savings of 5%. The company’s assertion that the NX31 typically generates a return on investment within five to seven months is optimistic.

TP-Link ASIC, however, has not offered enough evidence to back up its claims, making the device seem like a fraud. Even though the initial production run of the NX31 has been sold, consumers should avoid buying the product. If the advertised mining performance of the NX31 were accurate, then it would only mine about $1.40 worth of bitcoin every day.

Is it Really Faster Than RTX 4090?

No, to put it briefly. As the name implies, the “New Wi-Fi 7 Cryptomining TP-Link ASIC” Router Fraud is a hoax. But, the router cannot mine as quickly as the RTX 4090 or any other high-end mining gear. Although it may seem like a TP-Link router, it is not an ASIC router since TP-Link has not yet developed any ASIC routers specifically designed for bitcoin mining.


  • Q: Is the “New Wi-Fi 7 Cryptomining ‘TP-Link ASIC’ Router Sc

A: No, the “New Wi-Fi 7 Cryptomining ‘TP-Link ASIC’ Router Scam” is not a legitimate product. It is a scam that promises faster mining speeds than the RTX 4090, but in reality, it is just a regular Wi-Fi router with no special mining capabilities.

  • Q: Can the “New Wi-Fi 7 Cryptomining ‘TP-Link ASIC’ Router Scam” mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously?

A: No, the router cannot mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. The claim is just part of the scam to attract more victims.

  • Q: Is TP-Link involved in the “New Wi-Fi 7 Cryptomining ‘TP-Link ASIC’ Router Scam”?

A: No, TP-Link is not involved in the scam. The scammers use the TP-Link brand name to make the scam seem more credible, but TP-Link has not released any ASIC routers for cryptocurrency mining.

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